Halis Dokuma Home Collection

Halis woven textile, which has always been at the forefront since 2004, continues to offer products and services that add value to its sector under the name of the Mata brand, thus increasing its confidence in itself. MATA design and R & D units design rich collections of colors and patterns that match the fashion of the day. Equipped with advanced technology and systems, MATA production facility transforms its designs into high quality products with its qualified staff. As a manufacturer of upholstery fabrics, MATA is always a support and Solution Partner for its customers.

Planned Production

As Halis weaving, we are moving forward in the production area in a planned and timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is important for us , you can inform us about your wishes and wishes in the Contact section.

Quality Service

We care to provide extremely high quality services in yarn and fabrics in the production area.